Bio-Fit Orthotics 

Our Services

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The orthotic products we provide include:

Cervical Orthotics

  • Custom Molded Cervical Orthoses
  • Minerva, Aspen, CT II and IV
  • Philadelphia and Miami J Collars

Spinal Orthotics

  • Scoliosis Orthoses
  • Custom Body Jackets (TLSO and LSO)
  • Hyperextension and Flextion Orthoses
  • Custom Fitted Lumbar Orthoses

Upper Limb (Shoulder/ Elbow/ Wrist)

  • Dynamic/ Static Orthoses
  • Post Operative Bracing
  • Fracture Bracing 

Lower Extremity Orthotics

  • Hip, Knee, Ankle, Foot Orthoses (HKAFOs)
  • Knee, Ankle, Foot Orthoses (KAFOs)
  • Ankle and Foot Orthoses (AFOs)
  • Knee Orthoses

          - Sports: Donjoy, Ossur, Bledsoe, ect...

          - Osteoarthritis: G II, Townsend, Rebel Reliever, Oasis, ect...

  • Pneumatic Walking Boots
  • Night Splints

Foot Orthoses

  • Biomechanical Foot Orthoses
  • Semi- Rigid and Sport Orthoses
  • Diabetic and Arthritic Supports
  • UCBLs


  • Blounts HKAFOs, KAFOs
  • Scottish Rite Legg Perthes Orthoses
  • Hip Abduction Orthoses
  • Tone Reducing AFOs
  • Kevlar AFOs
  • SMOs
  • UCBLs
  • Gait Plates
  • Pavlik Harness
  • Dennis Browne and Dobbs Bars